Tips for taking weight off

Tips for taking weight off.Drugs and fad diets owe their popularity to the fact that they can reduce weight quickly and fairly easily. They do not work permanently because they do not eliminate much fat unless they are continued over many weeks, and few of them can safely be adhered to for long. Achieving and […]

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Eat less exercise more

Eat less, exercise more – the only formula that works .The underlying causes of obesity help explain why some people get fat and some do not, and they suggest certain strategies for reducing. For some people, exercise is more important than food in determining obesity. When scientists at Harvard did research to compare a group of […]

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Breakfast cereals healthy or not?

Breakfast cereals are healthy or not?  Maybe it is a vitamin-coated candy? When supplements are use in this way – a single nutrient added to one popular food to solve a single common medical probe – they are almost universally accepted as worthwhile. The addictive is one known to be a natural nutrient, and its […]

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Diets of the world

Diverse diets that nourish the world.Diets of the world. For centuries people of different lands have incorporated their foods- and the nutrients they contain – into distinctive traditional diets. From a nutritional standpoint, almost every ethnic diet – six a represented on these and the following page – supplies enough of the more then 40 […]

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Why fast food is not junk food

Why fast food is not junk food :The hamburgers, pizzas and French fries of fast-food restaurants – perhaps the most popular meals in America and increasingly common in other countries – are often condemned as junk food. Many nutritionists hold a different, and somewhat surprising, opinion. Such foods, they say, balance substantial amounts of nearly […]

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Women In Other Countries Sleep Deeper and Longer

Why women in other countries sleep deeper and longer than we do and howe you can follow their snooze cues. ONE NIGHT YOU ARE STARING at the ceiling for an hour ; willing your eyelids to feel heavy. The next you conk out immediately – only to wake up and see the numbers 4-0-0 glowing […]

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  Do you need to detox?Juice cleanses are thought to drive out toxins. While it is true that pesticides, air pollutants, medication waste and alcohol do call our systems home, we already have an incredibly efficient detox program : hitting the loo. Your kidneys filter your blood to remove waste, and your liver breaks down […]

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            THESE DAYS, you can not swing an organic celery stalk without hitting someone on a juice cleanse. Touted as a natural way to detox your system, jump-start weight loss, and inoculate yourself against disease, the gem-colored beverages have expanded beyond Whole Foods to places like Safeway, Groupon and even […]

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Tofu – The Joy of Soy

Tofu is super- satisfying with flavor and quick to prepare.             Pressing Matters One trick for making tofu delicious : press it to “wring out” the moisture before cooking. This lets the tofu absorb more flavor and gives it a firmer, more satisfying texture. To press tofu, cut the block […]

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